Our Freeze|Tincture|Gelcaps - Tri Pack
Out Tri-Pack incudes: One each of Mother Nature's NaturalsPain Gelcaps 30mg CBD High  CBD Tincture 500mg and Pain Rub freezeOur CBD Tincture, Gelcaps and CBD Freeze are the perfect trio for maximum relief in easing pain and providing calm. Enjoy the full CBD experience!
10mg CBD Lemon Drop Candy
100mg CBD per pack Lemon drop candies are CBD infused and are a delicious candy found around the world. Helps with sore throat and other pain. 
Tincture/Pain Gel Combo Pack
Combo Pack includes: One each of Mother Nature's Naturals Pain Gelcaps 30mg CBDHigh CBD Tincture 500mg Our CBD Tincture and Gelcaps are the perfect pair for easing pain,  providing calm and harmony to your days.
10mg CBD Watermelon Sours Candy
100mg CBD per pack Green rind watermelon sours candy are the ultimate mix of sweet and tart, and infused with CBD... they're great for what ails you. 
500mg High CBD Tincture
High CBD tincture was formulated for health conscious people in mind. Our products are non GMO, full spectrum and strictly organic.  Add this tincture to your favorite morning beverage to bring about calming and harmony to your day. 500mg High CBD Tincture
Immune System support
30mg Stress & Anxiety Gelcaps
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JUNE SPECIAL On Sale 50% OFF -- $34.00 Our branded CBD gel caps have been created to alleviate traumatic stress and anxiety.  Zero THC • Organic • Non-GMO  30mg per soft gel - 750mg per bottle Container: Amber pill bottleHow to Use: Take (1) soft gel as needed. Consult your medical practitioner before using. Do not drive or operate machinery while using. Store in a cool, dry place. Ingredients: High CBD Hemp Extract, Caryophylle, Hemulene, Inalool, Myrcene
Stress and Anxiety


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